Diego The Traveler / Old Haunts

by Warm Sun

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released April 4, 2017


all rights reserved


Track Name: Diego The Traveler
The world says to do and yet you don't
The paw owns the knee it's resting on
They failed to except you
No walls to protect you
Appeared on the doorstep with that one ear down
Cold in the dark he began to embark on the trail to me
No resting to quest for your own home
Lying on the floor, a silent son
The eyes of the sky and the earth
Plans to forget you
Abandon the rescue
But what good is heart without the soul
Yeah, none
Warm in the sun you pretend to be done and life's a world away
No one can tear you from your place
Wake to the slumber and warmth in the night
Late to discover the nascent light
I breathe and you know what the hour is, when to go
And though I say you fail to please
You lift me up
Track Name: Old Haunts
The old haunts are a travesty
No one saw anything
They didn’t want to die
Forgot everything they knew

Take a new life without a knife
In a place we’ve been before
Rife with walking angel-like stalking
Another one under your wing

Will you walk with me today?

Me and my friends go out at night
We romp till the early light
With young ones willing to try
Let’s stay out a little bit longer

Onward, Forward
A little rouge will look good
A little rouge will look good on you
Red is true

Did he go solo
In the shaded meadow
Dragging along a dirty string
Tangled on his ankle?

We’ll meet tonight. We’ll be all right
Familiar air awakens them
Deep hunger shared, but I’m not scared
In the middle of a gathering

A place we’ve been before

The brain like a rocket, like a rocket to the sky
Stings like a needle, like a needle in the eye
Out of breath, for who?
Facing death for you

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